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Fear of the dentist is not unusual but it is very important that it does not prevent you from proper dental care and treatment.

Many nervous patients find that a technique called sedation can help them overcome or manage their fear when visiting their dentist. Sedation is a way of using medication to put patients in a very relaxed, almost dreamlike state when in the dental chair.

Inhalation sedation is very similar to the gas and air given to many women during childbirth, although it is administered through a nosepiece rather than a full mask.

Extremely nervous patients may prefer intravenous sedation, which uses an injection in the arm or hand to bring on an even deeper state of relaxation. Intravenous sedation means you will be awake during treatment but will so calm and relaxed that you will be unlikely to remember much of the treatment itself.

Your dentist will be able to advise you about the sedation options that are available to you.

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