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Here at Selbourne Dental Care we want our young patients to understand that prevention is always better than cure. We offer fully comprehensive prevention based dental care for children. Monitoring children’s developing dentition is of the utmost importance and we pride ourselves in doing this in a calm, friendly environment.


Dentistry has made incredible progress in recent years and many parents are staggered at the modern, pain-free techniques we now have available. Our entire ethos at Selbourne is to make treatment as gentle, effective and stress-free as possible.

We work with all children from the age of 6 months to 18 years and apply the same exacting, high standards to every treatment we offer.

We provide examinations and consultations on:

We pride ourselves on taking the time and effort to fully understand each individual child’s needs and carry out thorough examinations to assess requirements.

Prevention tips…

The best way to prevent decay and gum disease is through regular and thorough brushing. However there are also a number of other factors which parents and children need to be aware of to help them maintain good oral health through to adulthood. The first of these is diet which can have a huge impact on the health of teeth but also on your child’s general health.

We recommend the following:

  1. Avoid giving your infant processed foods and foods with a high sugar content for as long as possible. Make sure they learn to drink and develop a taste for plain water
  2. Make sure your own teeth are well maintained and get regular professional cleanings to avoid passing aggressive bacteria over to your small children
  3. Incorporate tooth friendly foods in your child’s diet including Xylitol, products with high calcium etc
  4. Make sure your child breathes through his nose habitually. Mouth breathing is extremely detrimental to teeth, jaw development and gums
  5. Eat sweets as little as possible and when doing so have a larger portion in one go rather than nibbling them throughout the day; drink juice and sweet drinks only with main meals and remember strong spices and herbs stimulate the production of saliva
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